FHT Assistant was released March 2016.  To date, hundreds have downloaded this app, including those in international markets.  It will help with the management of Cat. II fetal heart tones.  It is now only available for Apple smart devices.  Another app, OB HTN also was released just after FHT Assistant.  Likewise this app has reached a worldwide audience.  OB HTN will aid in the evaluation and management of hypertensive disorders in pregnancy.  It is also only available for Apple smart devices.



OB SIM is the 3rd app to be released by Med Apps, LLC. This app deals with various emergent OB situations – hypertension, hemorrhage, shoulder dystocia, and sepsis.

Postpartum 280 was released in November of 2017. This app was released for Apple devices initially and is our first app to be released for Android devices. It reviews the common issues related to the postpartum period. It includes a quiz to be used to help the patient and her provider evaluate for postpartum depression.

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