Areas of Treatment

Annual Check-ups:  Health maintenance, screening, blood work, pap/breast exam, osteoporosis screening/eval./treatment, birth control, menopause management

Abnormal Bleeding:  Full work-up and non-surgical treatment.  Referral to an excellent GYN surgical team for endometrial ablation, hysteroscopic resection, and hysterectomies.

Pelvic pain:  Evaluation, ovarian cysts/endometriosis, non-surgical management

Birth Control:  IUD placement, oral contraceptives, and depo-provera

Other:  PMS, hormone imbalance, vaginal infections, STD screening/treatment, pelvic relaxation (eval/referral), fibroids, polyps, abnormal pap (treatment/follow-up), infertility (work-up and initial treatment)

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